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It’s Going to Take The Hustler In You

Monday Motivation:

A lot of people often come to me as an aspiring entrepreneur, and ask me ; how are you able to manage a business, website, podcast and a full time job? How do I take this this life long idea and turn it into something tangible?

Well, the important thing to remember throughout life is you get not what you deserve but what you work for.

If said it was easy, I’d be lying. But I can say for sure, it’s beyond worth it.

For so long I didn’t believe I had what it took to be a writer, let alone own my own business. I knew I had a something to say and believed it was worth reading. I wanted to encourage black men and women to be bold and brave. Courageous in their thoughts and outspoken to clutch on to that dream that never seems to go away. In a society that often makes you wonder who and what you are, I wanted to increase cultural competence and education on knowledge of self. When resources aren’t available; no grants, no loans, no rich parents or investors. Just an idea and a social media platform to share the vision for @theemphatictruth. I understood really what self education was all about. I have listened to Les Brown and Eric Thomas for 6 years now as a daily reminder to go out and do whatever dream you have, because YOU OWE YOU! As you reflect on the goals and dreams you aspire. Keep goals and quotes written down to encourage you those days you want to give up. The days you can’t remember why you’re doing it, your goal has to remind you why you won’t give up.

The reality of life is 70% of people on your life don’t care about what you’re going through and the other 30% are glad it’s you and not them! We should never live for outward acceptance or gratification. Seek immeasurable joy and happiness throughout your life. We are what we repeatedly do.

Are you a go getter?

Do you need spectators or an audience to produce good work?

Your credibility is self empowerment that can only and should only come from you. Looking for affirmations from others causes us to loose sight of our purpose. We all have a hustler mentality; remember that snow you shoveled all those winter for money, or the candy you hustled in grade school. We each have the power to work tirelessly toward whatever we desire. Be courageous and bold...“It’s going to take the hustler in you!”

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