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Your Will To Win

Without no struggle, there cannot be no progress....People will embrace you how they met you. If you were struggling and putting in work, those who were privilege to see that journey have more of an understanding of your experiences that shaped you. When others merely meet you in the spot light, on the stage or through media and are unaware of your unique struggle, there's a disconnect that happens. There's little to no appreciation for your contribution by those people who seem to have it all. But do they ? society has made it incredibly easy to "have it all" or at least appear too. Understanding that it is a unique will you must have in life. You have to constantly combat negative thoughts and energy with something uplifting and empowering. I use to want people to like me, or at least acknowledge the various efforts I put forth into creating a positive atmosphere for those around me. Sadly, many people won't understand your motive, why you do what you do. Don't look for people to affirm you, pat you on the back. Your will to win and have better is all the motivation you need. When you stop trying to explain your life, struggle, situations etc. to people and just live! Live life with a sense of purpose and control over how u respond to things. Often a negative reaction is all people are looking for to confirm their already negative mindset. Having a calm and humble approach to life test such as these builds character but also confidence that your on the move, you're in charge of your desthe tiny and making progress towards your goal. It's life you have to save your own life ! Who else will fight like hell for you but you ?

These are the discovery moments! Not to discover how weak you are but how powerful, how strong and courageous you are. Work to find out who you really are in life and pursue it #trusttheprocess.

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