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How Books Changed The Course of my Life

Before, I believed the teacher knew everything, and the course work would help me in my life. But then when I began to question what I was being taught, I realized my learning was exclusive to who's doing the teaching, if what I know was based off the theories of teachers who learned from someone as well. Surely I did not learn all that I could/can. "Everything you want to know is in a book". So if we no longer popularize reading, scholarship and self knowledge as a means to educate ourself. Perhaps we could be more educated with our "smart phones" internet and books. Our history is often depicted to us in Americas education, post slavery. We as Africans in America cannot account for that period in time before colonization. Not until college did I learn the truth and vast history that my people along the Nile an across the diaspora. Learning is apart of everyday life, surviving. Doesn't occur solely within the four walls of a institution. It's with self education and experience u find yourself in this life. It's an old saying, "If you want to hide something, put it in a book". If it was a million dollars buried somewhere and a book on how you too can earn 1 million dollars, which do you think people would pursue most often? Search aimlessly around for with no guarantee of finding that treasure or invest time in reading and developing the tools necessary to make your life and those around you fulfilling. Never miss the opportunity to learn and read about who your ancestors were, who you are and most importantly what you must do for yourself and the fellow African.

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