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How Motivation and Prayer Helped Me Overcome Doubt!

I've listened to motivational tapes, read books, and watch hundreds of videos as I battled with depression, self-esteem, and uncertainty of my future as a college freshman. It was a harsh reality I had to face on my own and was not sure I could until I discovered the power of motivation and what impact it can have on your life. Coming from a sports background, athletes are most often self-motivated, really don't need a huge push in terms of external motivation. Most often it's the glory of victory that motivates us to try our best. But the reality is when life gets tough and uncertainty sets in. What plan do you have to keep you going?

Questions to consider: How do you cope?

What are your go-to methods for remaining calm and focused?

Who can you call on at a moment's notice when life feels like a cloud of despair?

I didn't understand the power of prayer and motivation as a skill until I needed it.

Listen. People will laugh at you, call you crazy and count you out. I say this, not to impress you, but press upon you the point I'm trying to make. You must keep going. When rap becomes less lyrical and RnB too emotional, I turn to what I know will challenge and affirm the changes I need to make. It also gives them hope in whatever situation you're going through. You can't possibly listen to dudes like Les Brown, Joe Martin, Ray Lewis, and Eric Thomas and not want to make a change in your life in some form or fashion. Listening to these short messages each morning prepares my mind and spirit to take on the day with whatever life throws me. It's like a shield of protection around my heart and mind to remind me why I must keep going. What I found most interesting about self-care and prayer; you have to be intentional. No one will remind you to take care of yourself! Nonetheless, you owe it to yourself, your dreams, and your vision to allow yourself room for growth. Believe it or not, you're in the right place at the right time for what the universal God has called you to do. It's your time.

Check out a few of my favorite quotes and videos to kick start your day. There are also more in-depth videos to encourage you in a specific area whether it's self-esteem, your job, relationships, and protecting your net worth. Share with your friend, students, organizations, etc. Stay Encouraged!

The Emphatic Truth Motivation :

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