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Growth & Separation | How to take control of your evolution

As an adult, the only things I've found to be consistent are change and growth. This can be a harsh reality but it's undoubtedly true. How is growth defined?

Growth (noun): the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually. We seldom take the opportunity to reflect on that growth and how we got to where we are physically, mentally, and spiritually. Was it that big breakthrough when you got an internship? Could it be the networking opportunity you sought out that opened you up to your career?

Whatever the formula for your journey is, it is guaranteed to include Growth & Separation. Now that's not to say that growth is bad by any means, but more so a part of the many stages of life. Just as a caterpillar sheds its skin and blossoms into a butterfly, we all have some dead skin we must get rid of if we wish to reach the next level. A few common arguments I hear from followers on social media are

"But my friends are the only the ppl who understand me, I don't want to meet anyone new"

"What's the need of trying or learning something new?"

Now more than ever you must make the necessary adjustments, activating that power you have within because you are walking in your purpose. Through everything, consistency is truly key. A valuable key I learned from attending college was: you are what you repeatedly do. Seems pretty simple right? I learned that you must gain determination and hold yourself accountable to get up before your alarm clock and take on new responsibilities to challenge yourself. It's all a part of your growth. As growth can be difficult to imagine when you've been in the same place for years, this leads us to my next point...SEPARATION.

Separation (noun):

is defined as : the act or state of moving or being moved apart.

When we hear separation, we often think of "cutting people off", as Twitter Culture likes to reference, "You're Cancelled". All these statements and sayings are another form of eliminating people, places, and things that ultimately don't align with your goal and vision needed to grow. It's important to remember that like growth, separation is difficult. As a kid, I loved playing video games and being the first to get the latest game when it came out and play for hours on end. However, as I grew, I became more focused on my reality and what I wanted to accomplish in my life. Not to say my love for video games entirely went away, it was no longer at the top of my mind. Ultimately, but not entirely, growth led me to separate from my video games. Was it uncomfortable? Absolutely. But after I realized the growth I was able to achieve in other areas, I was encouraged to stay consistent and focused on goals I wanted to achieve in life.

This same story may be true when it comes to friends, jobs and relationships. It's a very scary time to let go of a friend or relationship that you've become so comfortable and used to. But, as we know, this process is not intended to be comfortable, it's intended to build character! If it doesn't support your growth or vision for your life, let it go!

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Stay encouraged. Stay committed.

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