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Incompletely Complete | Acceptance in the 21st Century

Accept your unacceptable self! As a writer, I am often faced with criticism of topics that I choose to write about. What I have learned through everything, especially life which teaches some of the best lessons, that if you cannot wake up every morning an encourage yourself when you going through some of roughest times in your life you will never get all of everything you "want". But it is important to remain hungry and passionate about your goals. No one is going to hit you as hard as life can at times, what you do and how you respond is a reflection of your faith in yourself. With this in mind we must make sure we are surrounded by empowering people who have our best interest at heart. What I have learned through work situations and various personalities is that how you respond is everything. We as members of society naturally want to feel important, feel valued and loved. We often go through great lengths to find that "feeling" and often times I feel empty and lost having not reached it. Well, what is "it"? "It" refers to the desire that you have for yourself that you know cannot be fulfilled by noone but the thing you are after. I remember as a freshman I was so eager to be headed to my university at the time and meeting the new people and seeing the campus, but really never knew or laid out any goals for myself or education. I realized, we have become distracted from our goals and ambitions. When we cant actively see them manifesting we loose hope. We come from a society that is instantaneous in just about every major market we obstract from. The "waiting game" becomes real to many of us who see the larger vision but are unsure of the steps needed to accomplish it. In the quest for self aceptance and loving yourself is to know your interest. You will be amazed, even in 2016 how unaware many of us have become as technology advances beyond our comprehension we have popularize knowledge of everything but whats needed to evolve; self. If you were to ask a random person on the street their average use of the computer or smartphone and then follow up by asking how much of that time is used on YOU and your evolution there will be limited responses. A common fear I see in people of all ages and backgrounds is perception over reality. Dealing with reality allows us to see our situation for what it is based of the decions we made or those around us if it directly affects us. What we percieve is often times much different than reality, it is cushonied with our own complex that maybe denial, or prejudices, none of which expands our vision at all. You don't like something ? Change it. We tend to work for everyone, do for everyone but ourselves. We depend on others directions for guidance and often fear accepting any ideas of our own. Who told you, you couldn't start a business in your community? Who told you, you must work 8 hrs a day for someone else and none for yourself. Who told you this ? Many of people spend their whole life watching others live theirs. When you want to be successful, the neysayers won't matter but encourage you more to achieve what someone can not. I am incompletely complete, from the top of my head to the soul of my feet. But I'm pieces of the master, that's why we call it a masterpiece. Keep that internal motivation to know and realize you are love and acceptances for your unique purpose in life. No one was out here to do what God has called you to do. Own it.  

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