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5 Things To Quit Before Living Out Your Dreams

With the thought of a new year in full swing, many of us are also working towards personal, lifestyle , healthy or academic goal we want to achieve in 2017. Whatever your goals are, know that "It's Possible". Though spearheading your vision can be difficult and intimidating for sure, make sure you don't fall into these 5 common habits that will impair your vision. 1. Trying to please everyone : The truth is not everyone is going to like you. And that's ok. What we have to understand is that we weren't put here for the affirmation/approval of men or women. We live up to the expectation of ourselves and the work we put in. Your reward should be self fulfillment , knowing that you added value to the world while you are here. You can't please everyone, and when you do you neglect yourself. Put you first. 2. Fear of Change: When I was 16 years old, my family moved to Spring Grove , Pa , a small town of about 2500 in York County. Being from Baltimore I never thought, from the life I grew up in I would have the opportunity to go an interact with people of a different race while in school. But Also in sports , as I played football, basketball and track & field. This new move was a shock to me, the clear skies that made the stars seem within reach. I was afraid. Afraid of going to school and being starred at or raising my hand to answer a question. That fear limited my confidence in my ability to produce quality work in the classroom and what the future held for me. I had to take on this fear. You see many of us in the world live in quiet desperation of things hope for but not worked for. I allowed myself to become fearful of being successful. F. E. A. R. False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. Is what a destructive disease that infects many of people in society. I stopped making excuses for myself and was determined to not let non life threatening issues stand in my way. 3. Living in the Past - I'm reminded of a parable in the Bible of Lott and his wife , running from the burning city of Sotum and Gomorra. The Bible says they were told to flee for their life and don't look back or you'll be turned into a pillar of salt. Don't look back. Lott wife looked back, and perished. It comes a time in your life where the past must stay in the past for your good. As you read this, you may be still lingering with hurt of the past. Unsure how you going to make it and remain positive. I find solace in the thought of the future. The idea of a new opportunity fires my spirit with determination. Each day you are given the responsibility of your emotions and what may affect them is unknown but still your responsibility as to how you respond. When you aren't focus on your life, your vision becomes cloudy and uncertain. Challenge yourself to focus on your future. Where new opportunity and growth lies ahead. 4. Putting Yourself Down- We all do it! I know many of us are our own worst critic. We get down on ourself at the face of defeat. This must be taken with caution, some people have beat themselves down so much other people don't bother because of the value you don't have for you. It becomes easier for the rest of the world, who do not care for your emotions, drag you through depression. You ever wanted to do something and knew you could do it. But talked yourself out of it ? Why? They say if you can believe it you can achieve it , what ever happen to that responsibility to be critical but compassionate. Even in our own mind. Safe guard around people who only see you for one area of your life. What you used to do, and what happened yesterday don't define who you are. Sometimes the only positive message you hear will only come from you and to you. You have to be not just your biggest critic. But also your biggest fan. Talking to your higher self , subconscious mind will drive the mind past those doubtful moments. But once you get past them , you must act on that doubt. I'm encouraged today because I choose happiness, despite a circumstance I maybe facing I know who I am and It's because I believe in my ability and talents God blessed me with. I know it is up to me to make a choice. Make up your mind to get through your situation 5. Overthinking ,can cause doubt. We began to question ourselves and our abilities and do so, so often no confidence is left in us to fight for our dream. Do not become paralyzed in your life by over thinking, you have the power to do whatever you set your mind too and as I said in #4, sometimes we have to talk to ourselves. Telling yourself you are worth it! You have something to bring to the table and your dreams will not be compromised by self-doubt. We also want to be sure of our circle of friends. How do they add meaning to your life? Are they providing you with support, challenges and positive reinforcement. All are needed to make it in today's society. I knew if I wanted to get past a plateau I have to level up my conversation and friends. We have to know, that we don't know it all and using your resources will eliminate many frustration movements in life. The man who thinks he can and can't. Are usually right. How is your thinking effecting your progress ?

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