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No Monday Blues, Take Control of Your Week And Tackle Your Goals!

It's Monday, the weekend is gone and it's back to business. With less than a week left in 2020, we have made it thus far, triumphant through life-changing events and ones that challenge our community as African people in America.  Trump’s defeat and Biden’s victory, the continued killings of unarmed Black people, SARS in Africa (Nigeria), mass shootings and riots in major U.S. cities, hurricanes, wildfires, and yes, the dreaded Coronavirus aka Covid-19. It’s safe to say, we have embraced this year full-on, though ignorant and unaware, the need and want to stay informed has increased significantly.

October is my birth month (shout out to my Libras), and I always find myself at a point of self-reflection during the fall and winter months. I also get into a planning mode; what have I accomplished this past year vs. what I need to focus on to fulfill my goals for the next year. Coronavirus has seemly affected almost every plan imaginable but it also challenged me to innovate and become more creative. We seemly forget how time passes As we work for someone else as we go to our daily jobs. This year, in particular, many of us were hoping time flew by and praying to ”get us out of this year” but surprisingly have not begun to plan for success in 2021. Coming out of college, it was an expectation to have a job, outlook on your career, or next learning opportunity. Now many students and professionals are compelled to drive their success by sort of an understanding amongst graduates.

“I have no idea what I want to do, I just want to land a well-paying job”

In 2015 many of my peers were not thinking about 2016 goals let alone goals for 2020. At times it became tough for me to stay focused on one task as well. It became increasingly obvious that we (millennials/ young professionals) aren't satisfied with our current circumstances which means we must take steps to change ourselves/plans. Change makes many of us uncomfortable and worried, that's why we allow problems to linger around prohibiting our growth. Allow this new week to bring a new mindset for your area you wish to improve in. Set weekly goals and have a purpose that makes you excited about waking up each day.

What is a SMART (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relatable. Time-Bound) goal you set this week?

I encourage you to check out @Parentoutloud’s latest video on their IGTV where they hosted a virtual Kwanzaa celebration Vision Board event centered around Day 2: Kujichagulia (Self Determination). So many valuable gems were dropped by leaders and I discussed methods and resources available on to "self-determine" your future for a successful 2021.

Link to Kwamzaa Celebration w/ Parent Our Loud:

Link to ”Tell Your Truth Podcast” with Tavon Harris:

Link to The Emphatic Truth Instagram:

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