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Dangers of Dumbing Yourself Down for Friendships

Inspirational Vitamin: In order to level up and develop your God/Goddess status, you must upgrade your friends as well as your conversations. Many of us like memes or post pictures but dare not spread the truth due to internal guilt and fear. Fear of loosing friends and even family members has caused us to remain silent on the issues we know affect us, we live in quiet desperation in hope that everyone else will solve our issues but our own. When you are looking to progress and build your dreams and career, you have to know no one will care about that dream more than you, and it’s your responsibility to surround yourself with people who can bring nourishment to that dream and not dry you out. Upgrade your conversations and watch how others oppose the truth, discredit and even ignore what is so painfully obvious but not discussed, fear of loosing friends and relationships that are not satisfying to our development going forward. If you’re looking for a friend, look in the mirror and if you don’t like what you see, you stare at that mirror til you love what you see. #whoareyourunningwith #upgradeyourconversations #buildyourtribe

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