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Many millennials are actively seeking ways to maximize their resources and plan for future wealth. It’s not a long shot to want to have money stashed away for an emergency, new car, or engagement ring you’ve been looking to purchase. 
Micro investing apps, Stash and Acorns provide a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that allows the investor of any skill level to learn as you earn. In high school,  students seldom question where their next purchase would go, we lived as if money fell from trees, never rationalizing the source on our in, it was the good life for many. College can be described as the snooze button you hit time and time again before it’s time to take on your responsibility. We get a glimpse of freedom and a possible refund check ( which you ultimately have to be paid back, with interest ) and believe we can reinvent ourselves at a new school. Though not popularized, investing in yourself pays huge dividends in the later years of life. 
This article and course highlights the Pros and Cons of both Stash and Acorns for any beginner investor, and at best, gives the window of opportunity to start small as you learn along the way. 

Micro Investing 1on1 with $5 Course (Free Stock with new account)

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