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To Whom Much is Given....Millennial Leadership in the 21st Century

Monday Motivation: Recently someone asked me how I felt about leadership and being held responsible for the employees I manage as an Operations Manager. Over the years I have heard this statement plenty of times, “I’m comfortable where I am and would never want to be responsible for others as a leader”. It made me think - often the complaints we hear, not just in work but in life, are from people who have neglected responsibility for their production. People oftentimes blame outliers (people, circumstances, etc.) why they are not successful when in reality these obstacles may or may not have been to blame.

What remains consistent is the lack of accountability. “To whom much is given, much is required “ comes to mind for the simple fact that with any level up⬆️ you’re going to experience obstacles and failure even. How you bounce back, not making excuses for anything and totally owning your responsibility as a leader, speaks to the way in which you lead. 

You won’t reach your full potential in life by being mediocre. You have to be a dreamer, and more importantly a DOER! Don’t wait and wish what should and could have been. Create and seek opportunities to lead and leave your mark. How you do anything, is how you do everything. Lead from the front.  #theemphatictruth #leadfromthefront #mondaymotivation #stopsettling #leaveyourmark #theuniverseisyours 

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