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How To Overcome F. E. A. R. [ Tool & Tips to curve self doubt and get past your fears]

Fear, fear is the most daunting emotion and often one that requires a lot of attention and compromise to break through that cycle and suppress that emotion. We experience fear at all stages of our life, a kid experiences fear when he/she places their hand over a hot stove/ pot for the first time. Teens, when they approach that high school crush around prom time. That adult, now transitioning into a new career. There's really no limit to how can feel, given the corcumatances. The choice however is to not let that be a deciding factor for the rest of your life. I constantly am searching up insightful information to encourage the mind and spirit that I may be used by this earth to bring that joy and hope into their life. We must not accept ourselves for who we were yesterday but work today for who we want to be tomorrow. Ultimately meaning there is a sacrifice, for something better down the road. What's with instant gratification ? Only living for the highs of life, avoiding pitfalls that build character and work ethic. Is it because we are impatient, devious humans ? Though I don't think we are devious by nature, it is instilled in our culture to praise the status quo and outcast those who don't conform. For such a long time I would care about how others would percieve me when I would be in school or having a presentation in college. Ultimately it limited my understanding of the information and relying on self education to cope. Watching documentaries, lectures, whatever I could get my hand on, I did. What it taught me about myself was that I did not fear speaking in front of others or presenting. It was the lack of knowledge I actually jnew about the subject being taught. I had allowed a superficial thing become real. False Evidence Appearing Real They often say we only use about 10% of our brain, even those studies have revealed this as aire myth than factual, many people have allowed those excuses to justify them not living up to talents of tasks. Having not known something to be true for certain, fear had become more and more real. Lack of confidence in your own ability shelters us from growth. No matter how hard we try, we won't get out of life, alive. Many of us limit ourselves so much that we stop taking risk even it means growing. But why live such a purposeless life? Not evolving , not growing. Practically dead inside. When we don't allow ourself to get in our own way, we push ourselves harder and much further toward success, with confidence and effort. Effort is defined as a multitude of things done well, again and again and again. Effort don't cost anything but the decision to act. Today choose liberation from fear and failure. 

Say this positive affirmation daily, 5 times. You have to combat those 10-15 years of doubt, mediocrity, fear and complacency. Today I am fearless. Today I won't allow anything or anyone dictate my response. I am in control.  

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