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I am a living witness that if you continue to press on and don’t give up, your dream will become a reality. If you put your effort and energy into anything, it’s possible. I believe I was put on this earth to inspire people and give them that undying hope that if I made it through situations then surely you can. I don’t sell dreams of making millions of having fancy cars, there’s no substance in that. I want you to be inspired and passionate to the point, success is all you think about, you no longer settle for mediocracy! We live in a generation of “talkers” we talk about how good we want to have but what real steps do we take to making this dream a reality. Your focus should be on what you constantly can’t get off your mind. You should have a WHY for everything you do. This life we are apart gives you a platform to do and be anything you desire but it won’t ever happen if you don’t put your all into everything you do. If your worrying about what this person is doing or how a situation has impacted you, you’ll never get far in life. You use that pain, that feeling of humility, use that struggle as motivation to say, if I got through the last obstacle, then there’s no way I can’t get through my current situation. You have to switch your F O C U S. Not letting anything destroy you, know that yoy are stronger because of your struggles, you are not impaired by them. If you think you not going to struggle than you don’t want success, you know hard times will come but they have not come to stay, that pain, that struggle that becomes your WHY. We are working towards something but your focus should be on surrounding yourself with those who just as motivated, just as passionate and focused as you are ! Conversations has to changed, your mind should be on bettering yourself and the individuals around you. Never let the distractions of the world take your F O C U S from the real reason you were put here. You are smart, you are that doctor, you are that visionary and leader. Don’t cheat yourself out of a successful and fulfilled life… Stay Focused!

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